SCOREDUINO-DMD modules are designed to build counters, scoreboards and timers using P6 and P10 RGB LED matrix modules.

Here's the summary of all the modules and outputs related to SCOREDUINO-DMD.

We have two displays:

1. P6 16x32 RGB LED matrix-320mm x 160mm

This module works with Adafruit's RGB LED matrix library.

2. P10 1/4scan 16x32 RGB LED matrix- 192mm x 96mm

This module works with MODIFIED Adafruit's RGB LED matrix library.

Check the discussion on this forum page.

These two modules can be operated with the following four types of modules and Shields

Category A

1. Arduino UNO Shield

2. Arduino Mega Shield

Category B

1. Arduino UNO based RGB LED matrix controller module

2. Arduino Pro mini based RGB LED matrix controller module

With these two displays and four modules/shields, we can get these outputs:

a. Digital Timer- Android controlled.

b. Basic Digital Scoreboard with timer- Android controlled

c. Basic Digital Scoreboard- Android controlled

c. Cricket Scoreboard- Android Controlled

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